Double dose of Kenya on Big Brother


May 3, 2011 – Is it just me or did you see the super cat in everyone’s  eyes (especially the ladies) as more and more contestants piled onto the stage at Big Brother’s comeback on Sunday night?

“Hello Big Brother. Smile. Welcome back. We had missed you so, especially the sneaky bit of you, namely a double dose of each country to make the contestants insecure!”

To me, Big Bro Amplified is as exciting as William and Kate’s wedding. You don’t know why you like it but you do.

This year’s lot are very easy on the eye with spunk to match, but is that the winning formula, I wonder? And I’m not sure this being ‘myself’ theory is the gold-mine either.

Another thing about the 26 contestants is that most of them work in the showbiz industry, excluding Karen from Nigeria, who is unemployed.

Kenya’s duo are also in showbiz. Nic had a hand in the production of the Patricia Show some time back among other things and Millicent (of the hot outfit) is an actress affiliated to Jitu Films production.

Millicent’s latest release is a spoof of the life and times of Esther Arunga, “Me, My Wife and her Guru”, while Nic is currently working on his own production – something he has now put on hold, no doubt.


So who between them will be ejected first? My money is on Nic staying, because he has a much warmer character, and he didn’t kiss anyone on the first night (don’t blame me, blame Africa).

Who are they up against? First there’s Vimbai from Zimbabwe, a self proclaimed social butterfly. Smooth looking Ernest from Uganda (28), sassy-looking Hanni from Ethiopia (22) who thinks she is super honest. There’s Mumba from Zambia, a radio presenter who almost had IK going ga-ga, Miss P from Bots whose wardrobe was a bit too ‘luring’, Michael from Mozambique looks good and has an accent to match, Vina from Naija whose strategy is to be herself, and the ever so noisy and opinionated Lotus from Tanzania.

There’s Bernadina from Namibia, Weza from Angola who is already vying for the position of Drama Queen, Nkuli from SA who is trying to prove how intelligent she is, Ghana’s Alex who locked lips with Millicent, and others.


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