Easter + dancehall swagger = Swaggerific concert



April 21, 2011 – Fishborne entertainment will this weekend bring to all dancehall fans the Swaggerific Easter concert that has also been dubbed the biggest dancehall concert to be held in Kenya. The concerts will go on down on Friday the 22nd at Big Tree in Mombasa and on Saturday the 23rd at the KICC.
Jamaican artists in town to bring the Jamaican experience to Kenya are Ding Dong, RDX, Chevaughn and Busy Signal who are in Kenya for the first time ever.
“It’s my first time in Kenya and I already love it here”, said Busy Signal at a press briefing held earlier today.

The Fishborne Entertainment CEO Kevin Oliech promises that the security at the venue will be tight and all people will have to do is go down to the KICC and have fun.

Emcee’s for the event will be Kriss Darlin (dancehall/reggae radio deejay) and Shaffie.

Charges are as follows:
Regular tickets: Ksh1500 in advance and Ksh2000 at the gate
VIP tickets: Ksh3000 in advance and Ksh3500 at the gate.
To which the organizers say that it’s a small price to pay considering they’ve put together the best in dancehall on one stage to give a thrilling show.
The show will not be devoid of the best Kenyan dancers to show the dancehall artists that Kenyans can also give them a bend over experience.

Seeing as nowadays artists do international collabos like “Cecile and Wyre” the artists said that they wouldn’t mind making music with any Kenyan artist as long as they are talented in what they do. Busy said that he was also once a young artist who also needed a boost from bigger artists to get his name out there and therefore he wouldn’t mind working with anyone. 
On the same Chevaughn added that it would be a great thing as Jamaica and Africa are like mother and son.

Local artists who will be performing at the concert include Redsan, Bafu Chafu among others. Music will be provided by Code red deejays and the Dohty family.



  • peter nganga

    good stuff

  • damy damy


  • Nyakwar Obeto

    I salute you Mr. President. That was a heart clapping speech in spite of the energy you lose in the hardest fought campaign ever in the United States of America.

  • That speech was marvelours

  • Ambrose Mwanzia

    The speech that changed the world..

  • mchep

    Most second term speeches dont have the strength and conviction as the first term speeches but this one was exeptional! Congratulations and God bless you Obama.

  • Mutunga Kilonzo

    What an inspirational speech. How I wish we in Kenya could only pick a few points to inspire us. How many of our MPs and other leaders could emulate the example of the family business whose owners would rather cut their own pay than lay off their neighbors, and the workers who would rather cut back their hours than see a friend lose a job. For us in Kenya it is leaders take care of themselves and God takes care of the masses. God bless all world leaders who are true leaders.

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