Portraits of Nairobi by street boys

April 20, 2011 – A book documenting photographs and drawings by Nairobi street children is finally up for sale in Kenya.

More than four years after the project was initiated in the Kibera slum, Kenyans can log on to www.portraitsofnairobi.com to purchase the books.

The British High Commission hosted the launch of Koinonia: Self portraits by Nairobi Street Children at their KIBERA_BOOK_2_976208297.jpgpremises in Upper-Hill.

The book is a limited edition charity publication that documents the work of 21 street boys from Kibera, collected and compiled in 2006 by British artist David Fulford.

The book is an assortment of visual self-portraits that presents each boy’s personal visual world, and is done in collaboration with the Koinonia Community, a charitable organization that works to help and protect children living on the streets of Nairobi.

“Following events at Present London and Partners & Spade New York, is the third and most significant book launch. The project began here in Kenya and it is important to celebrate the book with the children who were involved from the beginning and to share their stories with people here in Nairobi,” said Fulford.


Five years ago, the artist came to Nairobi to start a collaborative portrait project. From the tiny classroom at ‘Ndugu Mdogo’, a rescue centre in Kibera, Fulford conducted a two-week workshop in photography and drawing for 21 boys, aged 7 to 14.

“The workshop focused on ‘Self-Portrait’, and encouraged the boys to consider various elements that constitute a self portrait; the people, objects and surroundings that define an individual in their environment.”

They used simple ‘point-and-shoot’ disposable cameras to take pictures for the book, which was published last year.

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