You don’t have to skydive to own a jumpsuit

April 19, 2011 – Jumpsuits are not necessarily the latest fashion trend but I do believe that they will be around for a long time. While fashionistas are busy trying to create stuff to pimp your body, they think over-time and end up doing modifications instead. That’s why the sexy jumpsuit is not something new but something modified.


While jumpsuits show off your figure and make you look a mile fabulous, they are NOT right for everyone- just for certain body types. Namely: the long and lean, the petite, and the medium sized body with a small/mid derriere – period!

That said, maybe I should add that when it comes to wearing the jumpsuit, there are rules. Three rules to be precise:

Rule no. 1: Wear it if you have a medium size to petite derriere or else you will end up looking like you’ve been forced into a tiny sack or worse yet, you will look like humpty dumpty.

Rule no. 2: Only wear a jumpsuit that’s exactly your size. Not a size smaller and definitely not a size bigger. In a smaller size you look like you raided your little sister’s wardrobe and it will not flatter your behind… It will just keep riding up your butt. In a size bigger, you will only manage to get yourself looking shapeless and super chunky.

Rule no. 3: You must and I repeat MUST have complete confidence in your body. See, jumpsuits are really bold and they don’t hide much. The stylish ones are made of very clingy material, so if your problem areas are your thighs, hips and behind…stay away from the jumpsuit. They are not for the faint at heart because it’s a given that you are going to be turning heads in your daring number.

If your body can do a jumpsuit justice, then consider yourself lucky. Pair your jumpsuit with flat sandals for a day time chilled out look and heels for that sexy evening effect. Wear jumpshorts (romper) to the beach or on a hot day paired with sandals, or the stylish ones (with frills, one shoulder, raffles) with hot heels.


For office wear, choose jumpsuits with cotton material, and layer a blazer on top. Remember colour matters, and dont just get one because you’ve seen someone looking hot in one…you have to be sure!





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