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April 19, 2011 – Beads! They have been with us since the Stone Age. I’m speaking about real history here. Beads have been found in excavations lead_article_image_752527748.jpgalongside evidence of fire and tools. So, we can be sure that even back then, beauty and looking good was part of everyday life. In fact, ancient Egypt was the first commercial center for beads. With that being said, I think beads should play a bigger role in our jewelry collection. 

Closer to home, beads are a distinct part of many cultures around us in which assign meaning to the different patterns and colors. Well it’s 2011 and rather than stick to the same old repetitive designs, it’s worth trying to explore the new bead work emerging from a host of African jewelers. The designs are creatively beautiful and part of the new fashion renaissance of the African Woman.

Being able to combine the two different generations of bead work with your fashion sense is an even bigger fashion statement. I foresee it becoming a trend in the coming couple of years. 

The freedom that beads give you to re-create any look, mood or personality means that we should definitely be on the front-line in making sure that we get our designs on to major catwalks.

Last year was a big year for African fashion with the New York Fashion week hosting the African collective featuring designers like Stoned Cherrie and Tiffany Amber.  Boxing Kitten, a label that makes clothes from African prints was spotted on everyone from Solange to Kelis. The next trend to break out will be jewelry, and this time we need to be at the absolute forefront of the trend. Both Kelis and Alaine used bead work in their videos. Kelis “channeled” the Mother Earth warrior in hers while Alaine “channeled” the beautiful queen.



For all of that and everything in between beads are more than an accessory – they create an identity. It’s up to you to find what works with your look and mood. Both the ladies did look stunning in their videos, question is are you going to be that stunning fashionista that recreates her look with beads or will you wait for someone else to take the title?

Article by Saiton Tameno



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