Tusker's new look is less curvy


Photo Credits: Susan Wong


April 18, 2011 – So what was all that fuss about a horse and carriage backing up Nairobi traffic and stopping curious pedestrians today in the CBD (Central Business District)?  The beloved beer of many, Tusker, was launching its new look and re-enacted its first delivery to Sarova Stanley in 1922.


Tusker’s first order was back in 1922, and the 10 crates of beer were delivered by horse and carriage to Sarova Stanley.  Today’s re-enactment marks a historical milestone for Tusker and regional brewing leader East African Breweries Limited.  

“We now want to take Tusker to another level in keeping with the aspirations of the consumers and as part of our quest for growth,” EABL Group Managing Director, Seni Adetu noted.


So what does Tusker look like now?


The new look showcases a bottle with a stately presence and puts an end to the smooth curves of the previous bottle.  The elephant logo that is synonymous with the Tusker brand, which was created in remembrance of George Hurst (founder of Kenya Breweries Ltd.) after he was killed in an elephant accident, remains unchanged.

So what do you think about the new look of Tusker?  Has EABL kept the “aspirations of the consumers” in mind?  Will you appreciate the new look of Tusker or look to other brands?



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  • D

    no am not, wats the big deal anyway??? im only interested wit wats inside the bottle and if by any chance theyve reduced prices! otherwise SUMMIT a very big threat to tusker, quality, cheap, truely kenyan

  • Quinto O. Nasiboye

    This is not new. This the shape of beer bottles in Southern African Countries. I live in Johannesburg,South Africa and been here since 2008 and that has been the shape of beer bottles here!

  • Paul Mwirigi

    I love the new look. The design actually speaks volumes about the content. This is a plus. And comparing to the job done by EABL in Uganda with the new look Bell bottle, the Tusker new bottle looks like they actually took time with this project and wasnt a hasty job done.

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