Izaak Walton Inn: The gem of Embu

Photo Credits: Susan Wong

April 18, 2011 – Are you feeling a bit nomadic and wondering where to go for the  Easter long weekend?  How about Embu and a relaxing stay at Izaak Walton Inn?

Located in Embu, about 2 hours drive away (in good traffic), Izaak Walton Inn is a charming hotel that boasts all of the modern conveniences of the city with the old world charm of a 1930s fishermen retreat.

Established in the 1930s, the perfectly groomed green lush grounds of Izaak Walton Inn have still maintained the charm of a peaceful cottage atmosphere.  The beige umbrellas in the courtyard provides just enough shade from the strong sun but casts an inviting sun-kissed glow that guests cannot decline – the perfect spot for a good cocktail or relaxing lunch.

izaakwalton_breakfast_752870287.jpgThe staple breakfast buffet at Izaak Walton Inn was uneventful but the freshly squeezed passion fruit juice was the perfect accompaniment to a hardy start to the morning.  The juice was so amazing that the Capital Lifestyle team couldn’t even put it down and sipped even the last drop.

The Embu region which boasts arguably the most fertile soil in the country, and sprawling tea and coffee plantations; grows some of the best produce in the country.  Since the Inn purchases the majority of their produce from the local community, the guests ultimately benefit – you have never seen fresh ‘sukuma’ as fresh as this!

Part of the Inn’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are to purchase organic produce from local farmers; instead of using electricity to heat the water supply of 100 rooms, one log of firewood will heat the compound’s water and last an entire day; and the Inn provides tree saplings for community members to encourage them to replenish what has been chopped down as firewood.


Capital Lifestyle suggests you check out Room 16 – The Governor’s Room.  For the history buffs or those that just want to brag “I’ve done that”, how about a night in the exact room where the Mau Mau Uprising started in the region? 

The former Governor, a British colonialist, was murdered and decapitated in Room 16.  Don’t worry; the body has since been exhumed.  The room has remained the same and the wooden parquet floor still makes the space as warm and inviting as it could be.


Conveniently located along the Embu-Meru highway and 45 minutes away from Mt. Kenya, Izaak Walton Inn is the perfect pit stop for passers-by.

Accommodations. There are 78 functional rooms at the moment as 22 others are being refurbished.  The Inn is presently revamping the establishment block by block.  The goal is to maintain the same charm of the Izaak Walton Inn that made it the Inn it is today.

Clean and quaint décor.

Service. Attentive, knowledgeable and welcoming.

Amenities. Swimming pool, sauna and steam bath, fitness gym, squash court and wireless internet.

Price. Great value for the money!










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