Wearable technology for cyclists

April 15, 2011 – As the gas prices in Nairobi rise to an all time high, commuters will soon be looking for cheaper alternatives to get from point A to point B.  One option is to peddle your way through Nairobi traffic, which is definitely not for the light-hearted.

Nairobi cyclists are an exclusive club of courageous men and women (usually the latter).  They navigate and weave through congested roads with the same authority that oversized SUVs do.  As motorists, it’s hard enough to see the cyclists during the day already, but just imagine how unsafe it is during the evening.  

With no designated cycling lanes, what kind of measures can we take as a community to ensure the roads are safe for both cyclists and motorists?


Mandatory reflectors and/or LED lights for cyclists

The most obvious measure that could be easily adopted would be to encourage cyclists to wear reflectors and even LED lights.  Motorists usually find it difficult to see cyclists at night, and when they finally see them, it’s too late.

Until Nairobi city planners incorporate designated cycling lanes to ease congested roads, reflectors and LED lights are less expensive options for cyclists to ensure they can arrive at their destination safely.

For stylish city dwellers, fashion designers are creating wearables using technology to ensure high visibility for cyclists without sacrificing style.

Check out the wearable technology from Wendy Legro and Angella Mackey; which are sexy, sophisticated and practical options to night time cycling. 

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