Jamaican teen stars hit up CHAT melee



April 15, 2011 – Teeniez will be treated to a thrilling performance by young Jamaican artists Denique and QQ at the Chaguo la Teeniez awards ceremony that takes place at the Carnivore Restaurant on Saturday.

The two artists arrived in the country yesterday and are ready to give the Kenyan youth a ‘once in a lifetime’ show.

“Its my first time here and am amazed by the impact that my music has in Kenya,” said Denique, who is known for her song ‘Summer Love.’
QQ who is famed for his club storming hit ‘Skip to my Loo’ also expressed his dedication to making it an event of the year.

“Its my first time in Africa. I have learnt a few Swahili words and am amazed by how beautiful the girls are here. I’m loving it so far and cant wait for tomorrow,” uttered the 17-year-old heart throb.

Chaguo la Teeniez awards is one of the most consistent annual shows in Kenya.



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