What makes a perfect holiday?

April 14, 2011 – With life going as fast as it does nowadays, a chance to sit on the rocks, stare out into the open sea and hear the waves crash onto the stones is synonymous with invoking dreams.

I went to Watamu recently and realised that holidays are meant to be invoked by dreams.

The places that people choose to go to to unwind should be as dreamy and delightful as possible, but not too far away from reality in case you get an emergency call.

A friend of mine once told me, that human beings were not created to sit in stuffy offices with bad ventilation. They were created to play under the trees, roll in the grass and splash around in water. There’s no joy as pure as that!



So I recommend that when you do go on holiday, choose a quiet place where you can renew your senses and recharge parts of your mind and body that had been flickering.

Watamu’s paved roads have white sand on the side. Tuk Tuks drive carelessly on the road and shops have people seated outside them ‘beating’ stories. Oblivious to the scorching heat and intermittent humidity, locals and tourists walk around as if this was their own little paradise.

On the main beach the sand feels like firm fine chalk powder under your feet. Before the tide comes in, there are small coral rock pools you can play in and sea shells you can pick up.

At one point you will see sneaky children being scolded for untying the fishermen’s boats, and on the other end you will bump into topless tourists looking for a perfect tan. Watamu raha is not enough to describe it.

Apart from being offered a cold Tusker Malt, and a ride on the ‘boati’ no one else asked me to buy anything and it was very relaxing.

The best way to go on holiday if you haven’t hit the jackpot is to save a little every month towards a ‘Holiday Fund’. When the time is right, take just enough (leaving something for the next break) and head on out.

Since most hotels are overrated and their buffets taste the same; it is good to have the option of going to a holiday apartment. You can strut around in your best boxers and vest all day as you and your friends or family cook up a storm.

I stayed at the Blue Bay Cove – a cosy retreat with 12 apartments, including 3-bdr Penthouses and 2-bdr Garden apartments, a pool and a private beach.


Each apartment has a lounge area, dining area, veranda and fully equipped kitchen.

The Penthouses cost Sh15,500 for 6 pax and the Garden suites Sh12,000 for 4 pax. If you’re a smooth talker you can even squeeze in a couple of kids!

There is a stereo and TV/DVD get-up so you will feel at home. If it’s too hot outside, you send someone to buy you groceries and even cook them for you.

Best of all, there is world renowned Ice Cream parlour a few metres away, and nightclub called ‘Come-Back’ and no check out time!

So go on holiday, and even when you are at work in the office, look for a tree to play under at lunch time.

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