Scarfology 101


April 14, 2011 – Today’s fashion not only represent Clothes and shoes, Jewelry and other accessories play a huge role as well. Trending upwards (and fast) in response to the ever changing fashion trends across the world are all kinds of cozy scarves. They have been in the Fashion scene for decades and they suit any occasion. The best part is that you don’t have to have a reason to wear one.

When it comes to scarves, there are a variety of colors to choose from. They also come in styles to fit your own fashion personality depending on the rest of your outfit.  Wool knit Scarves are great for cold & rainy days whereas crystal studded felt scarves and organza or light fabric scarves fill in for the warmer sunny sky days and can extend the versatility in anyone’s wardrobe.


Fashion scarves work brilliantly with both formal and casual dresses.
Printed Designs are also very much in for trendy fashion scarves. There are so many printed designs available. The printed designs can also be applied on any fabric like cashmere and polyester.


Then there are those stylish designer scarves which are compact and extremely efficient as they are available in distinct designs and styles. These are also easy to carry around.
Nowadays scarves are not only a “women’s only” affair as it has found space in the male wardrobes as well.
Men’s scarves also known as “mufflers” have become popular accessories and are nowadays very much in trend the world over.
The mufflers come in various styles but the most fashionable ones are the weave design based or the printed ones.

Learn how to use fabulous scarves in order to give your outfits some oomph. Whether you use a scarf as a belt or to cover up a bad hair day, remember that that piece of material is a timeless and useful accessory in your wardrobe.



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