Choosing the perfect gift

April 13, 2011 – It’s your Mum’s birthday, your little sister needs something pretty for a big event, it’s Father’s Day and you want to get something special for your Dad. When it comes to shopping for others, you need to take time and pick something that not only fits their character but a gift that they will love and cherish for a long while.

Green_and_Metallic_Bead_Bracelet_385836938.jpgThere’s something about that joy as your loved one lights up after opening the box that well, warms up everyone. Either way it’s never easy picking out the perfect gift. You may be too busy to have time to go to different shops and malls searching for it. Abroad there are some people who are professional Gift Buyers. They will sit with you to find out the interests and passions of the person you wish to gift and they draw up a profile and possible gifts then do the backbreaking work of shopping for you and sending you pictures to either approve or refuse until you find the perfect one.

Seeing as we don’t have the same services here what do you do? Well you can ask them what they would want… But make sure to do this months in advance then remember to surprise them on the occasion. Guys us girls like to hint about these things so if she’s taken you to look at a beautiful dress/necklace/shoe that she likes- that is called direct leakage. Take a hint, actually no, make notes and save towards it.

What else do you do? Well you spend time with this person, so you know what they like or what they wear. If your little sister is creative and likes brightly coloured jewelry, then buy her a collection of that and she will think you are the greatest sibling ever. If instead she likes butterflies and silverware a  charm bracelet will be perfect.

A brother? Clothes or neck pieces or even a watch will be a classic gift. If on the other hand he’s just moved out of home something to decorate his new pad will be highly appreciated. Buy something that he would need but never think of buying like a clock or some kitchenware.

What about the parents? Well most mothers have jewelry, you only need to go and take a peek in their jewelry boxes to figure out their taste then build on that. With your Dad, a pair of cuff links, sandals, a book will make him happy. Or if he has specific hobbies look into buying him something that will complement his hobby.

Another option you have is to search for gifts online and it will save you time and get you closer to the perfect gift. Enjoy the search, think of it as a treasure hunt, you’ll just know when you find the treasure.



Article by: Saiton Tameno



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