Wear your own shoe design: Shoes of Prey

April 11, 2011 – Craving for that adrenaline rush that overcomes you when you finally find that illusive yet perfect pair of shoes?  

The ultimate search for shoes: finding a pair that not only fits comfortably snug like they were uniquely made just for you; decorated with the most delicious of fabrics and leather, and features a silhouette of the most sophisticated yet sexy heel.  The long journey is finally over!  Now, you can design your own pair of perfect shoes and have them delivered to your door!

Shoes of Prey, an Australian fashion shoe house has definitely stumbled on something special.  The founders have taken everyone’s desire of outfitting their feet with the perfect shoe, and turned it into a business model that clearly is sitting well with the fashion industry and most importantly, with the consumer.

Through an innovative website that makes everyone’s closet-desire of becoming a designer come alive, with just a few clicks away, a pair of shoes as unique as Cinderella’s is born.

With luxurious materials to choose from: patent leather, shiny soft leather, genuine fish skin, hair, suede, Italian silk, soft leather and genuine snake skin – the lavish combinations are endless!








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