Sharing tasks to keep the passion burning

April 11, 2011 – I am sick and tired of the popular notion that marriages are not working. The whole gospel that most marriages are on the rocks is wrong, and I’m starting to think the problem with those who believe and propagate this notion is the company they keep.

Not that I dispute the many challenges facing the family institution but I choose to disagree with the defeatist gospel that most love relationships are pathetic. It is sad that we are sending a message of doom to the Youth.

Around me a good number of relationships are working. In my family, among my friends, in church and even in the office there are quite a large number of people who are making it. People who talk well about their spouses are in constant touch, and from what I see converse pleasantly with those they love. People who value their spouses take time to be home early with their families, do things together and share their lives totally – including finances.

Not that they are immune to challenges but these people have appreciated the difficulties affecting the family institution and have decided to make their relationships work. They have purposed to sacrifice for it.

Last Sunday, I sat in a meeting of such devoted people. Here there was general agreement that in this duties_2_863596185.jpgchallenging world one thing keeping the passion burning is constantly doing things together.

Interestingly, each of the 50 or so couples had something they enjoy doing together that keeps them close.

From cooking, washing clothes, general cleaning, feeding the kids and shopping to playing games, singing, going swimming, taking a walk, showering and trying out new recipes.

For me the most creative of them was this couple that dates each other in turns monthly.

I personally love trying out new recipes with my wife and our endless chats.

The sharing of tasks and hobbies is a perfect way of connecting with our spouses.  It has a way of helping us focus on each other and shed barriers that so easily separate us.

This is when we unmask, get real and possibly deal with any issues. Doing something together will definitely cause you to get closer!

Do something together this week and reignite the passion!






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