Seven Secrets to a healthy alpha male

April 11, 2011 – There are three kinds of males, the alpha, capitalfmnew males, nice guys and jerks. At the bottom of the food chain are the nice guys, who make up the majority of the male population. The nice guy is a man who basically pleads for sex. They are manipulative by all means. The jerks, though not as boring as the nice guys,  create emotional roller coasters with the  girlfriend. They create both the high and low emotional points in the women. The capitalfmnew-male is in between getting too passive and can be pushed too far. Says yes to everything but at one point, ends up aggressive when this goes too far. This is the guy who would complain after the gal has left of how he did everything to make her happy, he rarely says no.

The Alpha Male

This is a confident, socially powerful, outgoing, fun, and a leader. He is secure in himself, and has high self-esteem. Those around him tend to get sucked into his reality because he’s interesting and makes them feel comfortable. He  is not possessive or jealous over situations. 


The Healthy Characteristics

The alpha males develop special characteristics over time and this comes with good experience. The rules are simple, practice  to make perfect. Psychologists have done research and came to a conclusion that it takes about 3 weeks to develop certain habits or do away with certain traits. The following are the seven deadly things that make of the alpha male.

1. Relaxation techniques. The use of hypnosis or reflexology helps the brain to attain certain levels of consciousness. Once it ‘learns’ that the body is ‘comfortable’ at certain situations, it releases endorphins that augment the relaxation. This helps in dealing with situations where you have to of fight or flee (flight). An alpha male is not moved by states such as  getting bad news or being rejected. Instead, the alpha male responds to than  reacting like the capitalfmnew-male. Ever read the book ‘ Who moved my cheese’? Sniff and scary potent such characteristics and planned for the future.

2. A nice physique. These guys work at least 30min a day for 5 days a week, burning calories. The guys look healthy by all means. They do at least 20 pushups n 3 sets per week.

3. The diet. These guys have a hospital in the kitchen!  According to a study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, drinking one to two cups of the black stuff halves your risk of liver cancer and reduces you weight! Imagine, A large serving of French fries is equivalent to 100gm tomato soup 100gm spaghetti with marinara, 2 scrambled eggs, 100gm chocolate ice-cream, damn! Better than this, an apple a day keep the doctor away! 

4. Communication skills. God gave you one mouth and two ears, so use these gadgets wisely. capitalfmnew males use more of the mouth than the ears by bragging, showing off or complaining. The alpha male always is interested in others, listens more and asks questions. One always maintains eye contact, avoiding  unpleasant facial expressions, and looking elsewhere in a closed body language. The alpha male always dresses to the occasion. Like a chameleon he  moves along with the situation.

5. He plans for his cash. Profits are better than wages, says Jim Rohn. So that puts your local politician to the capitalfmnew or better yet, the jerk. Earn your cash, enjoy it, invest in it. The best way to start is with ‘The richest man in Babylon’

6. Learn GP-nese. The alpha male visits his local GP at least once  a year for a medical. Just like he services his toys, his body is the first organic toy. 

7. Wisdom and success. The alpha male is results and success oriented. When the numbers of candles on your birthday outnumber your achievements, you are doing badly, work on it.

“ In the end, we are all dead men. Sadly we cannot choose how or when. But what we can choose is how we decide to meet that end,so we are remembered for ever as men”- Gladiator


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