Nokia to restart handset recycling


April 8, 2011 – Nokia wants to restart its handset recycling programme after a two-year break, in an effort to spearhead conservation efforts.

The programme was halted in 2009 due to poor uptake by mobile phone users in Kenya.

Nokia Head of Communications for East and Southern Africa Dorothy Ooko, says the lack of success was pegged down to the fact that people swapping their phones wanted something in exchange.

 “A global study done by Nokia in 2009 has shown that consumers who return their Nokia phones expect a gift in return. This is not how we did it before and that was affecting the programme.

The study showed, she added that consumers in most emerging markets were ready to hand over their Nokia handsets in exchange for any gift.

“Now we have introduced incentives that will be exchanged for any unused phones as a means of attracting more people into the programme,” she explained.

Ooko says the growth of mobile communications means that they have to lead the way in sustainability and demonstrate best practices to keep the environment clean.

“Close to 22 million Kenyans own a mobile phone and this scenario may pose a serious environmental threat to the country if the discarded handsets are not recycled.

Ooko made the remarks in Kisumu during the opening of a Nokia Care Centre to provide quality after sales service to customers.

“Awareness on the need to hand over the handsets will be launched sometime later this year. We are working towards a world where everyone is connected and contributes to sustainable development.”

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