Kenya is creating the model for a green economy?

April 8,2011 – When you think of a green economy, countries like Germany and Japan come to mind.  Germany is leading the pack in terms of implementing clean technology and Japan has been manufacturing some ingenious ideas. However, though hard to believe, a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says that African nations such as South Africa and Kenya are creating green economic models that should serve as templates for other countries.

green_economy_911506136.jpgUNEP’s Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication report South Africa and Kenya’s efforts in creating a green economy are commendable and other countries, developed or developing, should learn from.

According to UNEP’s report, Kenya is focusing on renewable energy development, “including a feed-in tariff and 15-year power purchase agreement, which is catalyzing an initial target of 500 megawatts of energy from geothermal, wind and sugar wastes systems.”

I suppose there are many advantages that the continent of Africa has that others do not.  Africa still has the benefit of various natural resources that in other parts of the world have already been over-exploited and diminished as a result of unsustainable development.

The report preaches that working towards a greener economy is a way to realizing sustainable development.  And, the movement towards a green economic development on the world’s poorest continent will provide inspiration for all of us.  

If African nations can make this transition successfully despite the many challenges they face towards development, than the wealthier and more stable regions of the world have absolutely no excuses for not following suit!

What do you think of Kenya’s green economy model? Can other countries learn from us?


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