Beyonce is back!

April 5, 2011 – Lady Gaga…Rihanna…and everyone else in between makes for a pretty saturated music industry; so how is Beyonce going to keep herself as the most sought after singer and performer-extraordinaire in the business?

Beyonce’s upcoming album is in the final stages of production, and the word on the street is her new material is nothing we’ve ever seen or heard – it’s groundbreaking!

A Sony Music executive told the Daily Telegraph that the new material she previewed was absolutely amazing.

“She’s gone to another level,” Denis Handlin explained.


Beyonce’s album, slated for a June 2011 release, has been in the works for quite some time. Other groundbreaking music industry leaders have leaked their involvement with Beyonce’s new album.

For one, the notorious tweeter, DJ and producer Diplo (Thomas Wesley Pentz) has been hinting through his tweets about his recent studio sessions with Beyonce.

Diplo, a veteran of the underground dancehall and dubstep scene, hit it big with his collaboration with M.I.A. on ‘Paper Planes”.  Known for his ability to mash beats, being a Blackberry Torch spokesman and always being able to make something sound cool; Diplo’s influence on Beyonce might just bring out the dancehall queen in her!


Aside from working with hip-hop producers like The-Dream and Darkchild, Beyonce also worked with rock groups Sleigh Bells and indie band Of Montreal.

Beyonce’s diverse collaborations with musical geniuses from different genres in one album is not only ambitious for a musician, but also show’s that she has once again evolved as an artist.

So what can we expect from the Diva?  Perhaps we should ask, what can we not expect?

If there’s anyone who can revolutionize the music industry – it’s Beyonce.

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