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April 5, 2011 – It’s holiday time! Can’t you just see yourself lazing by the beach? We all deserve to be enjoying a break from the everyday with your friends and family. It’s what we need after the hard work and endless meetings. I can almost picture it the salty breeze, deep blue sea and the sun. 

Being on holiday doesn’t mean that your accessory game has to go down a notch you can maintain the fabulosity and impress effortlessly all at the same time.  Accessories for the beach need to be both stylish and functional and pricey doesn’t have to feature there.


A necessity is a hat preferably with a wide brim to prevent sunburn, a pair of glamorous sunglasses to make you look like the diva you are. (Of course, there is the protection part too) A nice eye-catching bag in the summer colors to store your sunscreen(yellow, turquoise, pink and orange tones are in), chick lit book, phone and everything else you need. The beach means sandals, there are a variety of beautiful pairs you can buy to go with your beach wardrobe.

What do you wear? Dressing in Mombasa while liberal requires you to be sensitive to where you are and dress appropriately. The town and markets will need you to be modest while on the beach and especially if the hotel or home has, its own beachfront is up to you. Lesso skirts, dresses, good length shorts are perfect for touring the area, jeans might prove to be a slow kind of torture if you’re out all day. If you intend to spend your holiday lazing on the beach like I will invest in light cover –ups. Easy to wear and remove these are the pieces to find for the holiday. 


You can have them made but if you don’t have enough time to get them, you can borrow a few shirts from a Significant Other and add to your dress collection for the beach. If you’re modest or uncomfortable with walking in your swimsuit, cover-ups are perfect for you. The very last thing you need to add is jewellery. Bracelets and bangles for your arms especially unique pieces that are beaded and light with matching neckpieces will be sure to sync the look. The best place for bone and shell jewellery is the beach as the simplicity of your cover-up makes them stand out. Anklets are especially good since most of the time you will be in sandals.  If you want to create, the illusion of the cinched waist without a belt to enhance your figure you can use beaded chains.

Usually what works best is to plan your beachwear around your jewellery, signature pieces that will work with the colors and variety you have make it so easy to pull off the glam beach queen. Now ladies go and enjoy the holiday looking every bit of the queen you are.

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