Women are called to serve and submit

April 4, 2011 – God created us differently to blend and complement each other. Our personalities are different; women are resilient and emotional, men are logical and firm – but we are supposed to gel well for successful families.

Today I choose to talk for the women.

It’s sad that we men don’t at times see the good they do, unless we are talking about our mothers (and so we perpetuate what our fathers did; ignore their wives).

I have heard these statements again and again: she is nagging, she is so emotional, she is so demanding, she only thinks about herself, she always wants me to understand her emotions and not consider logic.

The woman is always the other person, bothering us, at times treated more like a servant or a room mate. How sad!

I appreciate that the needs of a woman are varied and different from a man’s (at times tasking) but when I check the sacrifices she makes for me, I am challenged to meet all of them without saying a word.

When you feel she is a bother refresh your mind: how much does she do for you (and your children) without blowing her trumpet.

She carries the baby for nine months, goes through the pain of child birth and brings up the children (then all of us men can proudly parade our healthy, well behaved and intelligent children).

She ensures your clothes are clean and ironed, and that the house is tidy and looking presentable. Some will go the extra mile to prepare your favourite meal and on top of it all support in paying the bills, not forgetting the critical bedroom duties.

Women give up so much for their families; so think about how she does all this and looks after you when you are out drinking with your friends or at work.

After all that, what she needs from you does not equal what she gives.

Honestly the things women demand for are not so hard to offer, only that they require devotion and sacrifice.

My wife’s best moment is when I put all else aside and focus on her, not when I buy her flowers. It’s when watching news and reading the newspaper can wait, so I can just be with her.

She feels nice when you show her that even what she is doing (cooking, washing, serving you etc) can wait. And all that matters in the world at that moment is her.


Appreciation is also worth a million. When she takes time to make you a good meal all she wants is to hear is a genuine, “that was a good meal.” Imagine what she would feel if you just let her know you appreciate the way she takes time to bring up your children in a God fearing way.

For those dating, you definitely enjoy her smile, her charming stories and warm company. A gift will definitely add more passion to all these.

Women offer us tangible services; in return they desire that we fulfil their emotional needs. Her version of being served is to be felt, appreciated, listened to and taken care of. All she craves for is to be understood, pampered, and allowed to be herself.

Women love repetition on things that are precious to them. She wants to hear the words ‘I love you’ daily, get flowers regularly (or her precious gift) and being appreciated frequently.

Treating her well is welcomed but doing it again and again is appreciated. Keep understanding, forgiving and treating her nicely. Yesterday’s good does not cover today.

She wants someone to listen to her stories both the good ones and the bad ones. I watch my wife with amazement how after a tiring day at work all she needs is me to give her a few minutes audience where she pours out all her good moments, bad ones and the frustrating times. After this she is in the best of moods.

Her self esteem hinges to some extent on how you treat her. Even the strongest woman needs her man to urge her on and to respect her. Shouting at her is the last thing expected of her man.

The attention she needs, the affection she desires, the love she craves for can never outrun the sacrifices she makes for you on a daily basis!


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