Transparent Samsung LCD panels in Kenya one day?


April 1, 2011 – Samsung has started mass production on it’s recently launched 22-inch transparent LCD panel. Now, with this gadget you see right through your TV like in sci-fi movies!

The first manufacturer in the world to produce transparent monitors in mass production believes their new gadget will be selling off the shelves like hot cake.

The transparent screen operates without a backlight. Instead, the LCD panel uses ambient light to determine how rightly lit the screen will be. Powered by electricity, the LCD uses about 90% less electricity than your traditional display.

The major difference is that you completely see-through the LCD panel.

Now, the question is, is this necessary?  Why would you want to see through your TV?

I suppose it could be a room divider, but what happens when you look at the LCD panel from the other side? Are all the images flipped around?  Or, perhaps you could put it on your fish tank so that you could look at your LCD panel and enjoy your pets at the same time?

Regardless of how and where you put it, Samsung is leading the way with this transparent LCD panel and it’s even offered in black-and-white and in colour!  Both will have a resolution of 1680 x 1050 and a contrast ratio of 500:1.  HDMI and USD ports will also be available. When do you think it will get to Kenya?

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