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Photo credits: Susan Wong

April 1, 2011 – Located in the Karen shopping center, Que Pasa is a great place for friends to meet-up after work and unwind or to get to know your date in a relaxed setting.  

The beautiful architectural details that have been carefully preserved from the old duka are designed to inspire.  The high ceilings, warmly lit chandeliers and stone walls make it easy to drink the night away at Que Pasa.  If you get a chance, check out the comfortable sofas in the small loft space tucked away discreetly in the back. 

To be expected on a Thursday evening, the bar area was fully packed.  The dining area filled up slowly and by 10pm, late diners had strolled in and filled almost all the seats.  

To sum it up, Que Pasa is good value for the money.  Portion sizes were generous and the ambience of space was tranquil.  The food was delicious.  Service could be improved.  And, the music selection was worldly ranging from top 40 to jazzy remixes.  

All in all, it was a lovely evening at Que Pasa.


Décor. Comfortably modern, architecturally beautiful, and charming.

Service. Staff seemed a bit “confused” at the beginning of our seating.  After being told that we could only choose 3 items from the Tapas menu and then moments later, also items from the Specials, we were left unattended for a minimum of 15 minutes.  When I asked for a cocktail/drinks menu, our waiter came back to tell us there wasn’t such a menu, which I found hard to believe.  When I asked what he would recommend, he left us to go get the bartender.  I suppose that’s a positive note?  Perhaps he was new or this may have been a classic case of miscommunication?

After I voiced our concerns, the service smoothed out.  

Things to look forward to.  A diverse menu from burgers to pasta to brick-oven pizza to steak to seafood.  Good portions.  Delicious food.  A small loft lounge in the back for the discreet.  A stylish bar.

Price.  From continental staples to Tapas, the prices per dish range from 450 ksh to about 1100 ksh.  For the food quality, portion size and ambience – well worth it!


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We started off with some Chicken Wings with Coriander and Ginger served with crispy fries and a bed of coleslaw.  The coriander and ginger wasn’t overpowering and was a welcomed change to your regular dried rubbed wings.  Fried to perfection and deliciously moist, I’m happy to say we finished all of the wings.


The Calamares Andaluza (Fried Calamari) was just a little tough, probably because the calamari had been sliced so thinly, therefore making it easy to be over-fried.  The homemade garlic and herb dip was delicious.


Que Pasa’s version of Bruschetta, a favourite of many regulars, was absolutely delicious.  Instead of using slices of grilled bread, the thinly brick oven-baked bread was a much lighter option.   


The Ravioli with Spinach, Ricotta and Crayfish sauce was my favourite!  Despite the ingredients, this dish was light.  The layers of pasta in the ravioli were very thin and the sauce was not heavy at all.  For calorie counters and pasta lovers, this dish is for you.  Note: The sauce has a slight kick.


Mountain and Sea salad.  The ingredients were a standard affair but the addition of sweet corn, gilled mushrooms and smoked salmon were greatly appreciated.  The dressing was a teriyaki/asian inspired concoction, which needed a little more tartness.  The sweetness of the dressing overpowered the salad.  Looking forward to a more balanced dressing next time.


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