Don't throw away your next toilet paper roll!

March 31, 2011 – Appreciation for art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. What may be one’s cup of tea, may not be for another. However, great art always captures the imagination of many and generates interesting conversation.

Meet Anastassia Elias, a contemporary artist based in Paris, France. Her work: paintings, sculptures and illustrations have been widely enjoyed internationally.  

Elias’ portfolio include several exhibitions since 2003, mostly featuring her contemporary paintings.  Recently, her illustrations were part of the book Illustration-Play 2 which featured 24 artists in the Hong Kong publication.

But what really caught my eye and thousands of art lovers globally were her unique sculptures of toilet paper rolls!


paperroll4_522349592.jpg paperroll5_368034492.jpg

Who knew trash could be so beautiful?

Elias’ toilet paper rolls are truly unique, creative and captures the imagination of everyone!  Elias is able to create a realistic moment in life through the careful composition of these sculptures.  Using the entire length of the toilet paper roll and optimizing the artistic interpretation of the fore- and background and together with a dSLR with a great lens – the images come alive.

My personal favourites: lifelike images of couples dancing in a ballroom and a goalkeeper making a crucial save on the pitch.

paperroll6_415760315.jpg paperroll7_970131043.jpg

A Challenge For You 

Elias has created some sculptures featuring wild animals, but nothing about the infamous Big Five in Kenya. So, the Capital Lifestyle team would like to extend an invitation to all of our readers to challenge their creativity and ask that you will not throw away your next emptied toilet paper roll, but nurture it with your creativity!

Take a photo of your creation and send them in via TWITTER @CFMlifestyle

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