Discovering Mike Tyson and Obama

March 31, 2011 – He has a lisp, somebody’s ear in his tummy and a tattoo around his left eye, but who would have guessed Mike Tyson was terrified when he had his first fight.

Who would have thought that the fight was about a pigeon?

“It was my first fight, and it was because this kid had ripped the head off my pigeon. I loved that pigeon,” says the burly ex-heavyweight boxing champion.

Mike’s endearing love for pigeons, a look into controversial politician Sarah Palin’s life and Barack Obama’s request to the crew of Mythbusters are among a host of upcoming shows that Discovery Networks came to launch in Nairobi on Wednesday.

Paul Welling, VP Head of Channels, at Discovery Networks said: “We’re delighted to be here….for our first ever East African event, to share our top line-up of brand new shows.”

Discovery is extremely popular in Kenya, so much so that people have been craving new content.

Welling says the Discovery Channel saw it fit to have the launch in Nairobi because over the last year, it has grown to be the number One factual channel in Kenya.

Animal Planet has always been a clear favourite in Kenya and Aletta Alberts, Head of Content at MultiChoice, was certain the latest dishes on Discovery Channel’s plate would suit the African market.

Apart from a whole new enthralling season of Ross Kemp – the dare devil – there is Wild Africa Month slated for later this year, and the Marley Africa Road Trip featuring three of Bob Marley’s sons on a road trip in South Africa.


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