Accessories and the weekend

March 31, 2011 – It’s been really sunny lately, that is when it hasn’t been pouring. The sunny weather makes it perfect for family outings and outdoor events. Our beautiful country has no shortage of scenic places to visit. The fresh air and lovely outdoors are a welcome break for all of us who spend most days cooped up in the office.

When you’re planning these outdoor affairs what should you wear? Well it depends on what you are doing. If your crowd is one that loves playing games and a random game of football will be slotted in, dress accordingly. A pair of loose pants linen or otherwise that are comfortable will do. If you’ll mostly be sitting or doing a bit of walking around, choose a dress or a skirt. The best are the A-Line skirts and maxi dresses.


Dresses and skirts on sale in town are very colorful and the themes are bright colors and prints.  The gentlemen do love the ladies in the skirts and dresses so you can enjoy shopping for one to wear. The dresses and skirts often leave your arms bare, perfect for jewelry. If you’re adventurous you can wear arm jewelry. The more eye-catching the better. When it comes to your hands, bracelets and bangles best complete the look.  The more the better.  Beaded bracelets look absolutely divine with the maxi dresses and A-Line skirts. 

You can also accessorize with an anklet, the A line skirts and maxi dresses are perfect with sandals so you can wear them with the sandals. The big hand bag that will store your make up and sweater or wrap is the last item you need to have for the perfect outdoors look. Enjoy your day and do take pictures  🙂

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