Former Tweep, Jack Dorsey rejoins Twitter!



March 29, 2011 – Last week, our beloved Twitter celebrated its 5th birthday.  The perfect belated gift?  Jack Dorsey rejoins the company again!

Good news to all Tweeps – Jack Dorsey is back again!  If you don’t know who Jack Dorsey is, he was the chief executive of Twitter in 2008, a notorious web innovator, and not to mention the co-founder of Twitter.

Named an outstanding innovator under the age of 35, Dorsey first got his start in creating open source software for dispatch logistics used by taxi companies.  Later on, he expanded his software to dispatch couriers and emergency services.  Inspired by other messaging platforms, Dorsey looked into his idea for a real-time short message communication service based on the Web – Twitter. twitter_dorsey_377302104.jpg

What better way to spread the news than tweeting about it.  Chief executive Dick Costolo tweeted the announcement and Dorsey tweeted he was “thrilled”.  

The idea behind this move is that with Twitter’s record growth, having the right people leading the team is imperative for continued success.  With his experience, Dorsey will be expected to strengthen the information and communications platform with the support of 450 dedicated computer and web fanatics.  

What else can we expect from the innovative man?  Dorsey stands by the principles of simplicity, constraint and craftsmanship.  Be sure Twitter and the entire team will be living and breathing these guiding principles!  

Perhaps we should too?  What do you think?

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