I miss being home with you!

Home is where I long to be

The place I miss to be every minute I am away.


Home is peaceful, relaxing and sobering

It is where I feel understood

Where there are no rules

No one way of doing things

Home is where I can be real

Where I am allowed to make mistakes and be myself

Where my apology is valued

The place where reconciliation heals wounds and all is forgotten.


Home is where I can say anything

Where I let out my joy and it is celebrated

My successes are feted

My failures are understood

My pains are taken care of.


Home is where I am listened to

Where I am allowed to be myself

My thoughts and view points are considered

And my opinions valued

At home I am never shouted down.


Our challenges are our strengths.

They bring us together

They bring out the resilience in us

Addressing them together binds us more.

Home sweet home!


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