How to pimp your heels


March 22, 2011 – Good heels don’t come cheap, of that I know only too well. Therefore taking extra good care of your heels is mandatory! But if you live on heels (like yours truly) it means you really consume them to the max, hence their lifespan is well…quite reduced! After all this is the era when shoes and girl are super close right?

So now, imagine how life would be if your beloved heels lasted a very long time and aged gracefully until when it came time to part ways, you let go with a nod and a huge smile on your face knowing that you served each other well. How cool would that be?

Now thanks to technology and people thinking about new ways to make you and your heels live happily ever after that is somewhat possible. Got you hooked already? Nice! Keep reading then…


The first super tech invention is the heel protector. These might not be the most glamorous of inventions but they serve you just fine. They are tiny, plastic nubs that slip onto the base of the heel. How do they work? There are those occasions that you need to be in heels at a garden event. As we all know this always creates a muddy and messy outcome…what with the sinking in the mud and having to tip-toe the whole time? The heel protectors were invented for this very problem. They give your heel a firm base hence making it easy for you to walk on the grass with ease.  For the same purpose you will also get them under the name starlettos (pictured above).


There’s also the smart heel protector. This one is not so ugly. They are a quick, clear, clever cover for stilettos. Their main function is to protect the tip of your stiletto from getting old, and from scratching, chafing or wedging.  They slide on to keep your heels safe, and slide off fast when you reach your destination hence increasing the lifespan of your heels. They are meant for the busy woman on the go who loves her heels!
Finally there is the heel condom. These lovelies pimp your shoes making you look like you have several pairs of shoes when in essence it’s just a pair that you have given a make over. Just buy the heel condoms that you want and slip them on your heel. Easy peasy! You don’t have to worry about buying shoes to match your outfit every other time. The condoms do the work for you…They protect you from the shame of looking like you only own one pair of shoes. There’s quite a variety to choose from when it comes to these. Good news for your heels indeed huh?

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