Brazilian Cuisine in Nairobi

March 23, 2011 – Take a culinary tour of Brazil at The Stanley with visiting culinary art maestro Chef Paulo Machado.  Chef Paulo has charmed many with his cuisine and surely will be charming many at the first Brazil in Eastern Africa EXPO 2011 held in Nairobi from March 22nd to 27th. 


Brazilian cuisine has a very diverse flavour that showcases the many diverse ethnicities that call Brazil home. For the rest of the week, Chef Paulo and his team will be treating diners at The Sarova Stanley Hotel to a culinary tour of Brazil and its many influences.

Brazilian cuisine has 3 major influences: Indigenous people (Indians), Portugal and West Africa.  On this trip to Nairobi, Chef Paulo and his team will be specializing in Afro-Brazilian dishes.  Ingredients found both in Brazil and Kenya such as Cassava, Okra, Palm Oil and Coconut Milk will be common flavours in most traditional dishes prepared by the culinary team.

The visiting team of Brazilian chefs also hope to start an exchange program with Kenyan chefs to optimize the experience sharing between the two countries.  

Chef Paulo hopes to use the research he has compiled through various cuisines to ensure traditional recipes and techniques will be preserved; and ingredients may be optimized through flavour and use.

The Capital Lifestyle team tried the Xinxim de Galinha, Efo de Espinafre Mandioca frita (Chicken Marinated with Ginger, Nuts and Coconut gravy, spinach and nuts, and spiced rice). The diverse flavours and spices of this dish were incredibly fragrant, which teased our palettes meters away. What looked like a simple pan-roasted dish surprisingly overwhelmed us with the layering of flavours, which confirmed the many different influences in Brazilian Cuisine.  

“This kind of sauce or stew takes at least 4-6 hours to make and of course will be even better overnight!” noted Chef Paulo.

At first bite, the pronounced ginger flavour of the sauce may be a bit strong for some, but paired with the coconut milk, the marriage of flavours become balanced.  Served with a side of sautéed spinach and nuts, and the Afro-Brazilian staple of white rice; this comfort dish definitely will remind you of the wonders of slow-cooked sauces.

After such a savoury lunch, one can choose from the various desserts made in-house at The Sarova Stanley Hotel, which perfectly completes the affair.


Enjoy traditional Brazilian Cuisine at The Sarova Stanley Hotel until the end of the week.



Photo Credits: Susan Wong


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