Photography is an expensive hobby: Cheap tricks?


March 22, 2011 – It seems that lately, everyone (not limited to the Chinese or Japanese), have become photographers.  Photography is something people can learn fairly easily, tips and tricks are widely available in books and on the internet, and high-end dSLRs and other cameras are becoming more affordable. 

Photography however is an expensive hobby.  The various lens, flashes and camera bodies add up to quite a pretty pen. But don’t let a tight budget hamper your creativity and your passion for photography.  With a little inventiveness and a few dollars here and there, capturing that incredible image is still possible!

So here are five photography accessories below Sh2,000!

White Foam Core – This is probably the least expensive lighting equipment you’ll ever own in your arsenal of photography equipment.  It helps to bounce light into unwanted shadows and softens hard light.  Find this lighting must-have in your nearest craft or stationary store!
Spray Bottle – Ever wonder how photographers can shoot fresh and dewy spiderwebs, flowers or super fresh fruits?  Use a spray bottle to achieve this misty look!
Bag of Rice/Beans – Carrying a tripod seems too heavy or you just don’t want to spend the money on one?  Use bean/rice bags to prop up your lens or camera in awkward angles.  You can also make these beanbags when you arrive at your destination and dispose of them after you’re done shooting!
Emergency Reflective Heat Blanket – Perfect for reflecting light into shadows and extremely waterproof.  Use this lightweight blanket to protect your camera in a sudden downpour. *In warmer regions (like Kenya) you can use aluminium foil.

Hot Shoe Mount Bubble Level – This mini levelling device that slips conveniently into the hot shoe of your camera will ensure that your horizons will be shot straight consistently!


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