Kate Kibugi breaks Guinness world record


March 21, 2011 – Sarakasi Trust limbo dancer Kate Kibugi is the new 2011 Guinness world record holder in Limbo dancing. The 24 year old is one of the senior Sarakasi dancers who left for Italy last Sunday to try the most difficult thing as it may seem to many of us.

The big achievement was recorded live on the Italian TV show – Guinness World Record last Thursday March 17. Kate attempted to pass under a bar that was balanced at a height of 20 cm!

Kate managed to beat the World record (in the freezing cold weather conditions) which was held by Shemika Charles from Trinidad/USA who broke the record in September 2010 by passing a bar at the height of 21, 59 cm. 

She returned from Italy yesterday Sunday 20, March.

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