Breakfast in bed for the wife?


March 21, 2011 – I once worked at the home of a Vice Chancellor of one of the Private Universities and learnt a very important lesson of honoring wives. Every Sunday morning the VC would make breakfast and serve his wife in bed.

This couple had a number of servants in their house but the husband did this as a special act to his wife. It was a way of showing his love and appreciation. Mark you, they were in their fifties so they were not a ‘young’ couple.

The other day my Pastor called me and told me he had just cooked some githeri stew for his family. This couple too have a house-help, but he did it for love of the family.

I discovered my wife loves it when I clean the utensils; unending thanks keep flowing. My beef stew is apparently the best she has ever eaten.  This I have appreciated and I keep doing for her with joy. Another thing, a colleague of mine was shocked the other day to find me washing my lunch box at work (that tells you I carry food to the office), he couldn’t understand why a man would wash dishes. But I have discovered what it means to her so I do it.

I don’t dispute that household chores are naturally done by women but I also know they love it when we as men help out. I love the smile I see on my wife’s face when I chip in.

It does not demean me when I prepare a meal or wash the dishes; actually it works to my advantage. It makes her feel special and loved.  Truth be told, when she is happy I am the primary beneficiary.

At times being with her in the kitchen as she prepares the meal is all she wants. I have learnt to at times sacrifice watching news or a movie to be with her.

Besides, this offers the perfect time for doing an activity together; an important recipe in keeping the passion as you bond with your wife.

Quit reading the newspaper or watching the TV when she is preparing a meal. At times she doesn’t want you to do anything, your company is enough.  When she is ironing your shirts sitting next to her makes it a more enjoyable activity.

To you our sisters, keep whispering how much it meant to you when he did it. This will surely make him do it again and again.

My fellow gentlemen if you have been looking for something to diversify your list of gifts now you have it; take time with her in the kitchen!

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