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March 21, 2011 – Whether it is making it big in the Holly-, Bolly- or the Nolly-woods of the world; or somewhere closer to home like the local community theatre stage, we’ve all had that dream of making it big.  So how does one actually make it big?

If you speak with A-listers in Hollywood like Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Reese Witherspoon and hundreds more, though hard to believe, even today’s Hollywood royalty were yesterday’s nobodies. 

Having thick skin goes hand-in-hand with being a good Actor.  Attending casting calls and auditions is only half the battle. Making the most out of the opportunity to impress a casting director who often times is sipping on a tall iced chai latte and dissecting your headshot at the same time – is ultimately a science.

Here are some quick audition tips to get you started:

1)      Like all job postings, read the audition or casting notice carefully

a.      Make sure you read and re-read the guidelines of the audition so that you minimize missing out on vital details of the part you are trying out for

2)      Act the way you want to be treated – be professional

a.      Like any interview, you want to show your superior that you are reliable and professional.  Don’t be tardy or inappropriate.  You want to show that you are committed to your career choice.

3)      Dress appropriately

a.      If you wear costumes to auditions, you will risk putting yourself in a very narrow category.  Remember, you only have a short window of opportunity to make a lasting impression and ultimately only the casting director knows exactly what he or she is looking for.  It’s best to wear “business casual” attire but avoid looking stuffy.  You want to be a memorable, flexible and blank slate that can morph into diverse characters.

4)      Know your monologue like the back of your hand

a.      Know your lines and give the monologue life.  Try practicing your lines in different personalities to maintain flexibility.  Remember, you don’t know what the casting director will ask for. 

5)      Don’t be your worst critic – avoid apologizing

a.      It’s tough standing in front of a group of gossiping men and women that are criticizing the way your dress, the way you speak and any other thing they can put their fingers on.  Avoid excuses or apologizing for things that you should not.   Finish your audition with confidence and ensure you leave the casting director with a self-assured impression.

To all aspiring actors, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about how to perfect the science of landing acting gigs!  Acting For Cinema Training School is putting on a must-go casting workshop at the Goethe Institute from 8:30am – 4:30pm this Wednesday March 23.  For details, email .

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