International Fashion Fair hits Nairobi


March 18, 2011 – The First International Fashion Fair was officially opened at KICC, Tsavo Ball Room yesterday. The four day fair, organized by Turkel Fair Organisation Inc., is aimed at providing a platform for local entrepreneurs, textile, fashion companies and industry players within the EA region to interact with established and contemporary international brands, as well as creating opportunities for investment relations.

The fair opens daily from 10.00am to 06.00pm and it will  run till 20th March. It has attracted a high delegation from the international community with more than 35 exhibitors from Turkey, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kenya. The exhibitors are showcasing the best in the international fashion industry, capitalizing on latest trends, signature styles, textiles, garments, leather products and accessories supported by the synergy of local expertise and regional cooperation.

Speaking during the inaugural ceremony, Turkel Fair Organization Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bulent Erten said, “I am pleased to have organized the first and the largest International Fashion Fair in East Africa. Kenya is considered a hub for investors and countries like Turkey and China have invested heavily in this region. Textile and fashion industry is one of the key sectors that many countries capitalize on in boosting their economy. As such, I would like to laud the Kenyan Government for taking this opportunity that enhances international investor relations. I would like to invite potential industry players to take advantage of the opportunity to interact with some of the top fashion industry players with a view of enhancing their business portfolios.”

Key products and services to be showcased include; Men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, lingerie & underwear, knitwear, footwear and cosmetics.

Riding on the theme “The Fashionist Kenya”, the fair brings together potential visitors including importers, textile manufacturers,  boutiques, buying agents, fashion designers, and beauty salons, baby accessories, shopping mall authorities, other industry players. Local renowned industry players and fashion designers key among them Evelyn College of Design and Liz Ogumbo have organized interactive sessions like catwalks and live performances during the expo.

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Check out how the Evelyn College of Design fashion show went down…



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