Buying clothes with your phone


March 16, 2011 – Mr Price, Woolworths, Truworths and Identity are now among 600 other utility providers whose goods you can pay for using your phone.

After a partnership between Safaricom and Deacons Kenya Limited, dubbed Nunua na M-PESA, you don’t have to go through the bank or use your credit card to pay for shoes, bags and clothes; just use your phone.

Deacons Chief Executive officer Muchiri Wahome says the partnership will boost sales for the lifestyle retail chain and improve on efficiency for its customers by giving them a convenient mode of payment.

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore meanwhile has promised that the operator will continue seeking synergies with other service providers both public and private to come up with innovations that improve the living standards of its customers.woolm_849388112.jpg

Deacons Kenya also runs 4U2, Mr Price Home, Angelo, Adidas and Life Fitness.

Said Mr Wahome: “Having been in this market for the last 53 years, Deacons is continuously looking for new ways of meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. In line with this, we are embracing new technology to keep abreast with our customers and make shopping indeed a pleasant and remarkable experience for our customers in Nairobi and Mombasa.”

At the launch of the service at Sarit Centre, Collymore also said having a ‘mobile wallet’ through M-PESA reduces the risks that come with carrying cash.

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