The Oga-rific Sunday


March 15, 2011 – An array of food displayed on buffet, alluring aromas beckoning right from the lifts, women and men of varying shapes and sizes all dressed up…all this I experienced in one lounge.


Speaking of an array of foods…I’m talking about from Jollof rice, to pounded yam, to meats and fishes prepared in a variety of methods (smoked, fried…) and vegetable soups and curries…name it! All this on one buffet table at the Skylux lounge last Sunday where the theme night dubbed “oga night” went down.

It was a West African affair and I had quite a taste of it all. And it being a WA affair, I had to grab a huge plate because when I talk of a variety of dishes, I mean a very huge variety. The WA cuisine being quite colourful and all, I was quite tempted to fill my plate with a bit of everything (trust me; you would have been tempted too).

Women in their gele’s (head dress) and beautiful traditional Nigerian wear made of lace, adire and ankara materials and men in their agbada’s (the only name I can recall) did not disappoint when it came to fashion and showing off their culture . It was like a small part of Nigeria was brought to Nairobi at just a small fee.

The event wasn’t short of popular Nigerian music courtesy of dj Swaggarific, dj crack all the way from Nigeria and a special appearance from Capital FM’s Dj Adrian who all  made it happen on the decks.


Nigerian popular tracks filled the air and the dance floor wasn’t devoid of revelers dancing here and there.

“Oga nights” sponsored by Capital fm will be a monthly affair. Meanwhile, skylux lounge hosts a “Naija night” every Sunday night. It was an amazing experience worth trying. So make a date one of these fine Sundays because I had my fabulous Nigerian moment and I’m sure the next ones to come will be bigger and better.

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