Accessories for the Office 101


March 14, 2011 – Style class is in session ladies. Take your seats… Accessories are an essential part of the office look; they can make or break the look and demeanour you have.

Why are they so important? If you look good, it’s because they succeeded in completing the look you wanted. So how do you make sure they give you that added pazzaz?

Simple – For most offices the earrings that work are simple, beautiful designs. That way they don’t detract the attention from your face as you speak. They still do give the extra sparkle however, and without demanding attention.

Quiet – Noisy accessories are a big No-no in the office. It distracts others and is thought of as a wee bit unprofessional. You don’t want the boss not being heard just because you turned your head. The earrings, bracelets and bangles are the first to watch out for. If you didn’t notice in the morning but then they sound Oh-so-loud in the boardroom, quietly slip them off.

Less-is-more – This goes for the earrings, bracelets and bangles. With Necklaces, you can get away with elaborate designs if they go well with your outfit. However, it doesn’t always work so if in doubt seek a second opinion.  Not too many bangles and bracelets and a watch adds a nice touch to the look. Often the office look is muted but classic, but if you work in a less restrictive atmosphere you can go with your style sense.

US First Lady Michelle Obama has that skill on lock down. At most official functions you always see her with studs or drop earrings, she does however bring out the glamour for the evening events. Other good guides also are TV news anchors; Isha Sessay and ZainVerjee have mastered the art. As presenters, they need us to focus on what they are saying and not their accessories. Therefore, they wear their beautiful accessories simply and elegantly.

So what should you choose for the office?

Neck pieces – These are necessary if you are wearing a V-cut or a slightly low round neck. The neck piece adds detail to an otherwise bare look. Isha’s beautiful beaded necklace suits her perfectly.

Earrings – Simple designs, Drop earrings, studs or simple loops go well with the office.

Watch – Often it is a neglected accessory, but you can get one in a classic colour to complement whatever you wear or you
could get one with straps in different colours.

Bangles and Bracelets – Less is more in terms of quantity and size, the big bracelets often make typing uncomfortable and are attention grabbing. The key words remember are simple and elegant.

So ladies you better look the part tomorrow!

(Tips provided by a Kenyan online accessories store

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