Age does not discriminate…


March 11, 2011 – Women are absolutely terrified of aging. You only need to take a walk to the beauty store and look at the cash cow that is anti-aging products. I won’t lie, I’ve recently changed my beauty routine because I’ve heard that when  you get into your late twenties, your age starts to show…wrinkles, frown lines and all that good stuff.

In November last year, I erred when I said Iman does  not age and she must have a beauty secret she’s not sharing. Well, now we know that her secret is makeup. Today I saw a picture of Iman, and now I know that no matter what you do, age is going to get you. You can apply all the creams and pastes and masks that are available (and they’re really expensive!) but eventually your age will show. Iman was spotted up and about in Soho doing a bit of shopping. Take a look at the pics after the break. Warning: It is a shocker.



She still looks great for someone in their sixties I guess…