Haco industries unveil new hair care campaign


March 7, 2011 – The Haco industries today launched a Ksh20 Million hair care campaign and re-launched the “Miadi” hair care range of products.

The breakfast event saw HACO industries chairman Chris Kirubi, top salon stylists, Industry captains and the HACO industries top management team attend.

“Miadi” is Swahili for “promise” and this particular promise is to the African woman. The African woman who is accustomed to using products that are meant for the Caucasian hair not knowing that those products will not work for them in the same way or as should.

“The whole Miadi concept was born 5 years ago when a $2Million was put aside for research on African hair” said Mr. Kirubi.

That didn’t end there as the research is ongoing to further improve on the range.  The range that was re-launched this morning has been enriched with fortified organic ingredients to give one beautiful, manageable and healthy hair. The organic products used include ingredients that are available locally such as Aloe Vera, Olive oil, sage, neem, tea tree oil and rosemary. This should encourage users of the product to know that they are using products that will do more good than harm to their hair.

Of the products already available is the Refresh and style, relaxers and moisturizers, hair treatments, hair nourishment products as well as shampoos and conditioners, hair sprays among others.

“Hair is a very important, therefore, taking care of it should be mandatory. God knows why he created everyone the way he did. There’s a reason why Indians and Caucasians have long, silky hair and a reason why Africans have the short hair. We should therefore appreciate what we have and try to find the best way to care for it” added Mr. Kirubi.

The new campaign includes, having Miadi hair care products become house hold names. At the end of the campaign, the product should be what every Kenyan woman will be using for their hair. The product is already widely used in East Africa and there are plans to make it accessible in other parts of Africa and probably other continents.

The campaign will also give the stylists not only the knowledge that they require to continue sorting African hair issues but to become entrepreneurs and gain from Miadi as well. This will be achieved if everyone left hair matters to the salon and stopped carrying their own products to the salon.

For all African hair issues, the Miadi range of products is determined to make life easier for every African woman (and men too).


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