Trey Songz in trouble with Kenyansontwitter?


March 4, 2011 – Insults have been launched at one Trey Songz because of a tweet he wrote. Why the insults? You may ask…because he simply sympathized with a situation and thanked God for the little mercies that he has given him.

This is how the story goes…Trey watches a documentary on how Kibera life is and because he is touched and sympathizes with those who live in the Kibera slums. He takes on twitter and writes as seen in the pic below but shortly after, Kenyans on Twitter also take on twitter and haul insults at him…


Check out some of the sentiments shared on the matter by #kenyansontwitter

[RT @sandielucile: @TreySongz #kenyansontwitter TAKE UR TWEET BACK!APOLOGISE NW B****! TRIGGA MY ***! U JS LOST ABT 38MILLION KENYAN FANS!

RT @kaytrixx: But just 4 the record I think @TreySongz is an ignorant fool.there I said it.

RT @sandielucile: @TreySongz i lov u bt ur such an ignorant douche!u capitalfmnew apologise2the angry kenyan fans4 ur tweet n i wnt stop til u do!Sm

RT @TreySongz: Watching this special on Life in Kenya. Counting my blessings, Thank You Father <<wadyu think? Were nat blessd in Kenya?#FAIL

does @treysongz know that kenyans are pissed at him?

RT @Pritypinky Hahaha sorry @treysongz u touched nerves by tweeting that #kenyansontwitter are ruthless.>> Kenyans dont care how big a celeb z

@Switcheeks @treysongz my neighbors cnt hear s*** coz i keep my ish on the downlow, bondage and gagging freaky s***..

#blackpeoplemovies GEORGE OF THE HOOD starring @TreySongz #kenyansontwitter

@TreySongz dnt mess with #kenyansontwitter they gonna roast ur a** #treysongz

RT @steraya: @TreySongz is tooooo ignorant! And his fans are even worse. #notafan

RT @Niick116: RT @ArcherMishale: Any #kenyansontwitter still acting pissed off at @treysongz tweet should gather in Kibera, hold hands & sing the anthem.

@dwanzi_ @r3drox @treysongZ i may eat doodie but im better than you at phonetics and such …its SongS deuce bag

RT @TreySongz: Watching this special on Life in Kenya. Counting my blessings, Thank You Father < Father, I live in Kenya & am human too

lol r #kenyansontwitter for real?? Slamming @treysongz just coz he said what we say every singke day??? And for thanking God? Smh. Shut up

@TreySongz Just saw sumth abt #kenyansontwitter killing @treysongz n rushed over to see this? I dont get it

Maybe #treysongz just wanted a lil more recognition before touring Kenya #lame

Hey yo @treysongz no matter how hard u hit in NewYork, whn u go2 #kibera n hit it,trust me,no1 will think you invented sex!!

So what do you think? Has Trey Songz been misunderstood? If you think so, does he deserve an apology for all the hate tweets he has gootten? Do share…

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