Do you Poken?

March 4, 2011 – I am one of those people who likes to meet connect and stay in touch with new people that I meet. Interestingly, what makes this affair come alive are the little pieces of paper and pens or even business cards we swing whenever We want to exchange contacts. Funny thing is the same contacts may change with time or the same business cards end up on a pile of other business cards somewhere at the corner of my little office. Months later, I am back to rummaging that pile of paper debris looking for
my “contact person” who I shared a contact with. (You like the feeling right?)

But now, the solution to my misery has been found. I recently got myself this cool gadget called a “Poken” Yes… Poken.. as strange as it may sound, this little toy with a USB connector is the New thing in town, so I hear.

The one I have looks like this


The poken Pulse comes with a 2GB flash drive

And the same gadget for some reason has made my social life very very easy in that I can share my contact details and online social networks in the real world. Question begs, How does it work? Well when you meet someone who has the same Poken, simply hold two Poken palms together – High 4! – and you’re connected. Easy stuff Right? Go to your computer, connect the poken to your USB port, it will pop up a website (First time users have a 4-stage registration which includes creating a Social business card) Once through with that, your life will never be the same again. This means you can manage your contacts, Sync them with Outlook-mail, or Apple Mail (Mac users). The same Poken is password protected so no need to worry should you misplace or lose it for one reason or the other. My Poken acts as a cool Key Ring holder and that means I have it all the time.

The Poken Spark is already having an effect with the young people


In my opinion, I believe the poken will replace the physical business card with time… thing is many people need to have this gadget for it to become relevant in the society. Don’t get too surprised, they have them in South Africa and Nigeria. in fact, the Poken has become more than a fashion accessory.. How cool is that? Well that’s happening in my space. I hear there are some guys in Nairobi already flashing this device on the streets so thinking I was the only one with this gadget was just a tale.

Looks like I will hop off this pad and walk the streets or Nairobi, Look for people inclined to meet, connect and stay in touch. The ice breaker question then am sure will be….. “Do you Poken?”

For more info on this, follow @pokenkenya on twitter or email to get your self this cool gadget.

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