What’s done in the dark…


February 28, 2011 – First and foremost let me say something, am sure I’ve said it before but forgive me for repeating and forgive me for the future as well because I will repeat it! Women have a sixth sense. That intuition business you hear about is not a rumor its true!

Women have a sense of foreboding  when something is going wrong or when something is not right. Am not saying we’re psychic just intuitive.From a woman’s body language to the way she talks you can tell if she’s suspicious; granted we’re not always right but we’re not always wrong.

Some of us have a tendency to overreact and go into jealous fits whenever we suspect that something is wrong but this should not be the case. Anyway I’m not sure today’s topic was intuition… allow me to mumble…

Personal experience has me jaded and I have kissed so many frogs I start to think my prince may be a rumor if at all I want to believe in all that fairy tale talk. However, is there such a thing as “the one?” Is there a specific soul mate who was created for a specific person?

DARK_2_525713915.jpgI don’t believe there is and I know that anyone can get married to just about anyone as long as the key elements necessary for the survival of a relationship are present. Love, communication, honesty and trust!! Oh! yes that beast trust is necessary for a relationship.

What to do if you’re stuck in a relationship where there is no trust? you have to keep an eye on your man/woman everytime they wander cos you’re afraid they’re up to no good, when his/her phone rings your ears peek up to try to listen in on the conversation, you try to read their texts as they read them and finally the deal breaker you worry that everytime you’re not together they’re up to no good. Today I feel like a teacher cos I keep repeating stuff but teach I will; a man who wants to cheat will most definitely do it whether you’re joined at the hip or whether you have all his passwords and know his routine like its yours.

Ignorance is bliss and what you don’t know won’t hurt you.. true? yep very! If your man is there when you need him and he provides all he should, do not stir the hornet’s nest you’ll only get stung; approach if you have concrete proof if not! Zip it and go Nancy Drew on his ass. But maybe this is not necessary, I mean lets consider how many women know there husbands keep mistresses but rather than confront them they live with it thinking they’d rather the one than ten partners a week.

If you know you’re not a drama queen, your imagination is not on overtime and whatever suspicions you have may be true… Then you have permission to have a hollow feeling in your stomach and get the chills in the heat of January; to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Trust can never be restored once its broken. Hence one should be very careful how they approach a suspicion, at times just sitting and waiting does the trick; what’s done in the dark…..

Again I say there are good men out there but not all of them are.. Its like looking for a diamond in the rough; never give up hope just because you keep meeting bad ones. The play boys always have the smoothest words is what my mummy told me.

If you have a good man hold on if not hold onto hope that you will meet one and keep applying that lip gloss you never know which frog will turn to a prince.



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