Men are frogs, not dogs!


Men are more of frogs than dogs…

February 28, 2011 – I bet you are wondering about the meaning behind my title. Well, let’s just say I got the inspiration from an experience I previously had.

My article reaches out to the women who have had trouble finding the ‘perfect one’ or that special mate who just doesn’t exist anymore. I want you to close your eyes and imagine a frog. How does it look? Is it slimy, green, elusive, hoppy… if you got that then we are on the right track. So how does this connect to what we are talking about, you might ask.

Over the centuries, we as women have always been subjected to the fact that men are dogs, that they are creatures who will rip your heart apart given a chance. But do we stop and think that there are always two sides to the story? That maybe they are frogs? (Men you have to excuse us on this)

Let’s go back to the frog story. In fairy tales, the princess always has to kiss the frog so that it turns into a handsome prince…right? Let that frog picture come into mind. Slimy, green, hoppy or even croaky…now imagine having to kiss that unsightly creature. Does it feel any good? (If you answered yes, you probably need to go for a check up, or maybe you might be French)Anyway, back to the story. The princess opened her to see a handsome prince, white teeth, amazing abs, alluring eyes staring back at her,and she smiles… This might have been a dream that happened to the fairy tale princess but it could also happen you.  Lesson being?

It’s not all the time we meet that special or perfect person in our lives. This is represented by the frog. The reality is that we will never find a ‘ready-made’ man sitting on our door-steps waiting to be claimed. Many at times we meet that guy and because we have this perfect representation in our mind about a perfect spouse, we let that get the best of us and miss out on a great thing. Not all guys have amazing abs or caring personalities. But do we take the time to try and find out whether they have other qualities that are attractive and appealing to us, ones that if we worked on would turn out to be more than what we bargained for?

Our abilities to shape a man to be our prince are quite questionable because people have the notion that men can’t be changed. Unfortunately that’s true, but not entirely. If you look at any successful relationship (emphasis on successful) you will find that one individual definitely had to make enormous sacrifices to accommodate the other. This is represented by kissing the frog. Sure it was slimy and pretty cold, but the motivation that one had about what the rewards would be drove her on and came to pay off at the end.  The point here is that not all good things in life are free; we have to work hard to attain them.

Lastly we have the final copy which is the prince himself. A fine example of your hard work. So how do we stop him from turning into a frog again? Good question, because many fail the test here. You will them say ‘things aren’t how they used to be’, he doesn’t love me like he used to’. Hogwash I say. You know very well what you put into a relationship to make it work.
That to me is the hardest part. It’s like building something and when it breaks down you say that you can’t fix it. How genius is that?

Take a step back and figure out what went wrong. If you need a break to ‘reboot’ take it. You work hard to make something work because you love it. If you don’t then its time you find another frog and try the process all over again. Make sure that you know what you want next time lest you turn into a frog kisser. After all, who said that kissing a lot of frogs is healthy?


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