Would you dare go nautical?


February 24, 2011 – When you combine red, white and blue and a bit of stripes and maybe just a bit of polka dots on your accessories, you successfully get the timeless nautical look. A look that’s fit for the sea but has very fast become a look fit for any daytime occasion. And just about anyone can pull this gorgeous look off.

It is most popular with the French who are into the black/blue and white stripes thing that actually really works for them.

Just one thing, avoid the horizontal stripes if you are a little wider than average coz that will only make you look wider than you actually are.


You can add on the navy accessories, such as anchor-shaped earrings, chain… Keds, which enhance the nautical feel. The red has to be outstanding bright red to achieve the nautical look perfectly.

Get your nautical on with confidence to enjoy some va-va-voom!

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