The trick up Holy Dave’s sleeve


“I’ve gained weight I look like a lorry Easy girl it’s not the KGs its worries. Paranoid juu haja call? Maybe ni network. Hajatuma credo? Maybe Ni credit crunch I aimed for the sun ka Anaan Kibaki Soon…

I’ll get to the moon ki Banki Moon. A little shaken but not broken Hosana!

Dreams ninazo kuliko Karua Obama!”That’s just a sample of what Holy Dave’s rhymes are like and this one in particular is from his track “Bounce Back”.

His rhymes are so smooth you’d be convinced that he sleeps, eats, and lives hip hop. You can tell that he loves to do what he does hence its automatic that his name has become synonymous with everything gospel hip hop.

He writes his own music and says that his ideas just spring out of anywhere and everywhere.  He gets his inspiration simply from living life and the experiences that come with it. His lyrics are witty and sometimes he can’t help but laugh out loud when thinking them up.

Very generous he is too – in fact there’s not a day that passes that someone needing some sort of guidance concerning gospel hip hop from him contacts him.

He will always spare some time from his busy schedule to try and reply to all his mail and knowing he has helped somebody out there makes him sleep better at night.

This year, he says, he will focus on making more quality videos as opposed to recording more tracks.

Music aside, Holy Dave does other things as well. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree and he’s also a businessman.

Dave says that people find his hobbies a tad strange, because he loves thinking…! He thinks about “thinking things” up and coming up with solutions. He also loves documentaries and watching CNN.

Holy Dave is a laid back guy. He’d fit in any setting, which makes it very easy to talk to him. It’s hard to believe that he was once a very shy boy who couldn’t even look at someone in the face, because he answers my questions comfortably and naturally.

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