Kenya does have the best tea


February 20, 2011 – You know you’re VIP when your name is first on the guest list. If you have an invitation and your name is not on the list, you could be either VVIP or just common riff-raff trying to climb the social ladder.

I would rather not say whose name was first in case I break hearts, but I can say boldly that it did not matter if you were on the list last Saturday, because once you walked into the venue, nearly everyone looked like they were very extremely important.

It was High Tea at the Zen Garden. Nobody really knows what that means but they were there anyway, taking in anything that was thrown their way.

Among the litter (colloquial) there was a small tent that actually had all kinds of tea, while another bigger tent had all the other refreshments. There was one table though that had most of the traffic; a table with huge silver trays holding several bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne on ice at any given time, in more quantities than I have ever seen all at once.



You could have it with either litchi or a cherry and it just never seemed to run out. I would go for litchi; the taste is totally unexpected. Ladies wore dresses and hats while – for once – Kenyan men were exceptionally HIGH_TEA_FASH_733533549.jpgdressed.

After a lot of standing and socialising and the best sushi ever, there was a lengthy fashion show to cap it all.

Yes, Aryam Design was present, and Coco Chic represented, but it was Nike Kondakis who really wowed the stunning audience.

All her designs were quirky, interesting and completely practical. Meaning they were not only wearable but intensely desirable as well. Kudos Nike (pronounced Nika). We’ll keep you posted when the next pot of tea is brewed!

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