Book review: Chasing Harry Winston


February 21, 2011 – If you liked The Devil Wears Prada, chances are you will also like “Chasing Harry Winston.”

Chasing Harry Winston is Lauren Weisberger’s third bestselling novel after “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Everyone Worth Knowing” and is her second book that will be made into a movie.

The story revolves around three friends who met in college: Adrianna de Souza (daughter of a former Brazilian supermodel), Leigh (a flourishing star in a publishing house) and Emmy who all live in New York and are just about to turn the big 3-0!

Emmy who has always been comfortable in long unproductive relationships has recently been dumped for a younger, prettier girl. She is finding it hard to cope with the situation since she’s the one who brought “miss young and pretty” into the picture. She has always been a one man kind of girl and is often the one left hurting. She has forever dreamt of having her own family and is miserable because everyone else’s life seems perfect. Emmy hates being single and alone so she decides to make some changes in her life… she promises to have casual affairs with guys from every continent as her work entails a lot of travelling.

Gorgeous Adrianna has never worked a day in her life. Her life is all about looking fabulous, spending time at the spa  and salon and attending top parties where she brushes shoulders with the who’s who of New York and sleeping with the rich, handsome and mighty men from the A-list all on daddy’s expense.

She realizes, that beauty won’t last forever and before the wrinkles start creeping in from all angles of her face she decides that she will stop sleeping around and bag a man and get a Harry Winston on her index finger and settle down within the year. Decisions, decisions…

Leigh, on the other hand doesn’t know what to change about her life. See, she’s very good at what she does at work and is almost getting a promotion to assistant editor position at the firm. Her gorgeous ESPN anchor wants to make her his wife but somehow Leigh can’t relax and is somehow always unhappy. She has the perfect life- at least that’s according to everyone else but her! She quite can’t put her finger on what is wrong with her exactly…until she has to edit bad boy Jesse’s book …

Chasing Harry Winston is a good, well written, witty read. Although it has been panned severally by critics it has something that every type of woman will relate to and might even give you some answers to those questions you can never get yourself to ask anyone…

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