What they wore at the Grammys

February 14, 2011 – Did you manage to check out the Grammy’s? I couldn’t help but notice the fashion on the red carpet.
While some had it going on for them and managing to look quite pristine, others lost the plot completely. Some really struggled to bring their weird out at all cost.

Well have a look at some of “my” best and worst picks…


These were my favourites 🙂


I really liked these too…


Then there are those who tried…check out Kelly Osbourne looking all girly and Jeniffer Hudson looking like another person altogether.


Some didn’t go overboard, they went for their usual style which works for them I must say..


Little Willow’s footwear?? Nicki Minaj’s whole outfit?? Cindi Lauper trying to be Cruella? Usher…(*FAIL*)


As for some, ermm…I dont know what to say. Rihanna really?


Some decided they wanted it to be a leggy, stomach and chest affair…but if you have the goodies, flaunt them!

What do you think? Who were your best and worst?


*Images borrowed from Getty images

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