Its time to go Mobile 3D

February 14, 2011 – LG Electronics and YouTube shook hands on a partnership to provide a unique 3D mobile experience, and its good news for the bespectacled.

LG’s upcoming Android-powered premium smartphones will enable users not only to capture and view 3D videos without glasses, but also to upload and share them instantly with others via YouTube.

“The Optimus 3D is LG’s newest flagship smartphone. It is our answer to two major pain points of the current 3D experience – limited mobility and specialized glasses. Furthermore, our partnership with YouTube will ensure that our customers can easily generate and access ample 3D content,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

“3D technology has traditionally been reserved for the major Hollywood movie studios,” said Francsico Varela, Head of YouTube Platform Partnerships.

“But with the new LG Optimus 3D anyone anywhere in the world can shoot 3D videos, upload them to YouTube and share them with their friends,” he adds excited.

So how does it work? It’s powered by a unique “Tri-Dual” Configuration — dual-core, simultaneous dual-channel and dual-memory, and needless to say LG’s advanced Optimus 3D will be the first to be able to provide YouTube 3D experience.

The Android-powered Optimus 3D will be available globally starting in Europe early in the second quarter of 2011, and in Africa, possibly a couple of months after.

The LG Optimus 3D will be introduced at the Mobile World Congress together with the LG Optimus Pad.


“I’m confident that this year, LG will emerge as a leader in the next generation of smartphone and tablet devices. We will continue to innovate with products that address consumer needs and deliver benefits that live up to our `Life`s Good` commitment,” Dr. Jong-seok Park addressed.

Aiming to aggressively take a leadership position in the smartphone market in 2011, LG has been earnestly bolstering its premium smartphone line-up, evident by its strong showing at CES last month. There, the company introduced the world`s first dual-core smartphone (LG Optimus 2X), one of the world`s slimmest and brightest smartphones (LG Optimus Black) and the company`s first phone compatible with 4G LTE networks (LG Revolution(TM)).

Equipped with a 1GHz OMAP4 dual-core processor and four times more video decoders than competing designs, the LG Optimus 3D excels with graphics performance.

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