Using your brain to win


February 11, 2011 – “ Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself. “- Rita Mae Brown

Have you ever wondered why some people tend to thrive in many unusual circumstances or win everything, and everyone’s heart while some can’t? Well the answer could be right inside your own brain.  Those who make this difference are those who take that  move and not who wish to make one. They find their ways around and win.

The physiology of the brain

Your brain is a super computer that functions by autonomy and through a set of instructions from the external environment.
The autonomic pathways involves sending its own instructions to the body organs e.g. the heart for it to beat. It prioritizes external instructions over the autonomic ones; e.g. if you decide to stop breathing, that external command shuts the lungs.

Training  your brain

1.Give quality instructions to the brain and make anything that isn’t top-notch quality for your brain as absurd. A stomach is more intelligent  and if we feed it garbage, it at least knows how to vomit, not so the brain. Feed it garbage and it doesn’t think twice, it just processes the garbage. Say things like “ I cant win a date” and there you go. Freak out when meeting a potential mate, and we have the flight mode activated. You mus stop all negative instructions and replace with positive ones such as I love this game, or I love this guy or I must win. One secret here is repetition repetition repetition!. The good Holy bible says that Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word. Let the brain hear and hear the positive words and you got it!

2.Beware of Your Frame Referencing: We all have experienced negative events in life and then build their lives around that event( referencing) making things worse. Instead, build life around great events that you can center you life around. Imagine  your favorite team winning a great tournament or Obama beating Mcain.  Assuming you loved it, how did you feel then? Always bring this up when anticipating any relationship related moment.

3.Teach the brain new tricks: Brains are always learning, that’s the good news. The bad news is that if you don’t take charge of what they are learning, they will learn trash. So in playing,  keep teaching your brain more productive things with the best data  such as inspiring ideas, winning moments, awesome thoughts, and empowering beliefs. Keep coding and recoding the cinema in your mind with exciting, and bigger than life stuff.

4.Have Lots of Fun with your Brain: Imagine your computer getting a virus. It either slows down or shuts down. This is the
same with the brain, without fun means your are too serious and that is a virus. If you don’t enjoy, you will get stupid, if
you get serious about things, you will get stupid and this is a brain occupational hazard. This hazard typically undermines
such graces as humor, laughter, enjoyment, playfulness, silliness, and ludicrousness and causes people to become stiff and

One can see a person’s internal world of ideas by noticing the person’s external behavior. As a man thinks in his heart, so
is he. What kind of images, sounds, words, or sensations run inside your brain? To get angry, we only have to imagine
thoughts of injustice. Internalize representations of sexuality induces experiences of desire and lust.

Learning to see in your mind’s eye, you can achieve an even more advanced state, being able, at will, to feel, touch and
smell whatever you visualize. At this heightened level, you can influence anyone with the snap of your fingers. Make this
your goal.

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